What We Do

Holeseekers has supported many Western Australian families with disability with thousands of dollars raised at each annual Holeseekers Charity Golf Day.  We’ve raised over $75,000 since 2012 and we partner with charities that give 100% of proceeds to making these families lives better. Here are some of their stories.


Meet The Family

We have helped several WA families since the inception of Holeseekers in 2012.  We’d like to introduce you to some of our families.


  • Grant

    Grant suffered a spinal injury more than 40 years ago and since that time has never been able to stand. A specialist recommended the use of an aide called an Easystand which would allow Grant the ability to stand.

  • Sam

    Sam has autism and relies on a trampoline to de-stress every day. Her family told us with up to several hours use every day, Sam had worn out eight trampolines as they don’t last with continuous use.

  • Sleeping Beauties

    Children with intellectual disabilities often have trouble falling asleep and often have trouble staying asleep due to restlessness and the inability to settle. A proven and effective aid for these children to sleep well and be less tired during the day, is a weighted blanket.

  • Owen

    Meet Owen, a young boy who was diagnosed at 3 months with Lissencephaly. Lissencephaly is a rare genetic brain malformation that means his brain is smooth like an egg and doesn’t have folds and grooves like most other people.

  • Xavier

    Xavier is an eight-year-old boy diagnosed with dyskinetic type cerebral palsy. His condition means he has strong fluctuating and uncontrolled movements, has decreased muscle tone and increased weakness throughout his body, is unable to walk without full physical assistance, and communicates through some vocalisations and facial expressions.

  • Mum

    When a young family lost their infant son due to complications from his disability they also lost the support of services that they had depended upon during his lifetime. This left the family without a vehicle with no means to get to school or for Mum to find a job after having been the full-time carer of her son.

  • BBQ Dads

    One thing in common with the Holeseekers founders (Vince, Charlie, Tony, and Joe) is that they are all proud Dads. They know the pressure that families come under when sickness and or illness strikes their child, so with funds raised from the annual Holeseekers Charity Golf Day, they were very happy to sponsor a Dad’s BBQ Cooking Day.

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