Grant suffered a spinal injury more than 40 years ago and since that time has never been able to stand. A specialist recommended the use of an aide called an Easystand which would allow Grant the ability to stand.

    This is what Grant’s specialist said:

    “Regular standing has been promoted as a physical intervention that can offer a wide variety of benefits to the spinal cord injured population. Proposed benefits include improved bladder and bowel function, bone mineral density, skin integrity, circulation, joint range of motion, muscle tone, reflex activity, spasticity, sleep, digestion, pain, and fatigue. Evidence demonstrating the therapeutic effectiveness of regular standing is limited. However, in the clinic, Grant was able to demonstrate that he can use the standing frame to move and maintain his trunk and lower limbs in a range that he cannot achieve independently or with manual assistance.

    Although people with spinal cord injury perceive there are multiple benefits that can be achieved from regular standing, the most prevalent reported in the literature is a feeling of well-being. ¬†Grant’s experience of standing for the first time in four decades certainly elicited a feeling of well-being. Providing this benefit to an individual who has been proactive in optimising his health whilst living for so long with a disability is not be underestimated. Enabling Grant to stand regularly in his own home in the community would enhance his ability to optimise his health at this stage in his life of living with the effects of a spinal injury.”

    With your support of the annual Holeseekers Charity Golf Day, we purchased the Easystand for Grant.

    Grant’s wife, Audrey told us:

    “…the Easystand has made such a huge difference to Grant’s well-being as you can see in this photo with a friend. Friends and family were over the moon to share in his ‘standing’ experience, especially as he is so tall! He uses the Easystand for half an hour each day and does notice how it frees up his internal organs and it is a welcome relief to the monotony of being in the sitting position. Our other benefit is that the bones are weight bearing which is supposed to help with osteoporosis but we don’t want to be testing it as he has had enough broken bones in his lifetime! And yes ‘a picture says a thousand words’. Thank you so much once again.”

    You can help us support Grant and adults like him by visiting our Donation page.

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