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When no other funding source is available, Holeseekers steps in. We support charities that apply 100% of proceeds from the annual charity golf day to help vulnerable Western Australians where a traditional funding gap exists, it is what this team of like-minded individuals wished to create. We thank you, the Holeseekers family for your generosity and continued support to keep making it happen every year.

In late August 2012, four golfing buddies started chatting about how they could use their golfing prowess and influence to raise funds for families dealing with disability. Having experienced first-hand family health issues with their own loved ones they felt a real desire to help their local WA community in a tangible way. These extraordinary guys, Charlie Cicirello, Joe Cicirello, Tony Prospero and Vincent Mulé harnessed the good nature and empathy of their golfing buddies, business associates, friends, colleagues, and family to host the inaugural Holeseekers Charity Golf Day on 1 November 2012.  Many golf events later with the help of their generous supporters they have made life easier for many Western Australian children and their families.

  • Tony Prospero (Founder)
    Tony Prospero (Founder)

    Knowing firsthand how hard it is raising children, I wanted to help family and friends with children with special needs. These families face many challenges and deserve our help. It is why I started Holeseekers with my fellow Founders. I started a business in automotive repairs in 1982 expanding to a team of six, and have been developing property for over the 35 years and am in the process of starting a new business in natural products for the environment called Clean Air. I’m an avid golfer who wants to give back to the community, this drive is why I am involved in the Holeseekers. When I’m not swinging a Taylor Made club, I’m out chasing cars of the vintage kind.

  • Vincent Mule (Founder)
    Vincent Mule (Founder)

    My ultimate dream has always been to help a charity and by playing golf is a bonus! Volunteering my time and energy helping and supporting families that need that little bit more, the Holeseekers is a way we can achieve that goal with knowledge and compassion. I have been in the electrical and communication industry for over 45 years, the last 25 years in managerial positions. I am currently a Project Manager on a large communication contract that covers all of WA. My golfing experience is nothing to write about, I play most weekends and enjoy the comradery that goes with each game. We don’t take it too seriously, it is more about enjoying the company you are with and then after, having a quiet beer or coffee.

  • Joe Cicirello (Founder)
    Joe Cicirello (Founder)

    I’ve always enjoyed my golf so when the opportunity came up to combine that passion with being able to help others I thought it was a great opportunity to do something worthwhile for families that could use our help . My professional golfing career began in…..only joking. I come from a construction background in both supervision and management roles. My current role involves conducting pre-purchase and under construction inspections. I began playing golf in my late teens. My first ever few rounds were with fellow Founders, Charlie and Tony, and some 20 years on I still blame them for my poor scores and not training me properly!

  • Charlie Cicirello (Founder)
    Charlie Cicirello (Founder)

    Through the journey of dealing with my own families serious health issues, I came to the realisation that there are people out there who are worse off and could do with some help. With my fellow Founders, we started Holeseekers. I am the Managing Director of Imperial Interiors, a premier Perth business offering quality commercial and domestic cabinets, kitchen and bathroom renovations, office and shop fit-outs including project management. I love my golf and play as often as I can, both in Australia and overseas.

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